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Member Profiles

John Zhu

Born in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, John emigrated to the United States at an early age. During his twenty-plus years in America, he studied and worked in Detroit, St. Louis, Los Angeles, and Boston. In 2008, he moved to Hong Kong.

While in high school, John was introduced to golf watching Adam Sandler's famous golf comedy film "Happy Gilmore". He then went to try putt-putt golf out of curiosity. For a long time, for one reason or another, he never got a chance to play real golf on a proper course. Then, in 2014, he discovered a golf interest group run by Hong Kong Prime Golf Society. He quickly joined one of their outings at the popular Kau Sai Chau Golf Course and played an 18-hole round for the first time. Since then, John has been playing golf regularly and 
as a result his skills have improved tremendously. John currently organises monthly golf outings for the Society.

John is also a talented squash player. He manages two squash teams that have both won division trophies in the 2014/15 Hong Kong Squash Winter League season.

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