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History of the Society

August 2012

Seeing that many golfers in Hong Kong had a difficult time finding playing partners and that golf wasn't very accessible due to the lack of golf facilities in the city, Mr. Joa felt there was a need to create a platform for recreational golfers to assemble and organize golf activities regularly. He therefore started an interest group named "Hong Kong Golf Outing Network" (HKGON) on Mr. Joa began hosting driving range practice sessions at the South China Athletics Association two to three times a week. The first half year was tough, only a handful of participants showed up at the gatherings.  

March 2013

Mr. Joa and two other members of HKGON, Mr. Robin Lam and Mr. Raymond Tsang, decided to form the "Hong Kong Prime Golf Society" (the Society), which acted as a superior organization that oversaw the activities of the HKGON meetup group. 


The original members that contributed immensely to the growth of the group during this time were: Mr. Ben Lau, Mr. Garrick Kong, Ms. Amy Yau, and Ms. Joyce Cheng. They were instrumental in helping the group expand and gain popularity. 

September 2013

August 2013

The Society sent a delegation of 12 gentlemen to Phoenix Hill Golf Club in Dongguan, China to play a friendly golf match with 12 ladies from the Shenzhen Business Women Golf Team. The gentlemen performed poorly on the course losing almost every hole, but they had a fantastic time partying with the ladies throughout the night at one of the hottest clubs in downtown Shenzhen. 

September 2013

The 1st issue of SCRATCH, the official newsletter for the HKGON meetup group, was published online. 

February 2014

The HKGON meetup group was renamed "Recreational Golf Outings" (RGO).

May 2014

The Society held its inaugural "RGO Cup".

August 2014

The Society held its inaugural "Summer Invitational".

December 2014

The Society held its inaugural "Founders Championship".

The RGO Cup (now renamed The Society Cup), the Summer Invitational, and the Founders Championship are held every year in April, August, and December respectively, and they are dubbed the three "majors" of the Society. 

May 2015

The Board of Stewards was formed in order to enhance leadership and decision-making within the Society. The individuals appointed to the 1st term on the Board are: Mr. Gilbert Joa, Mr. Ray Tsang, Mr. Ben Lau, Mr. Cooper Leung, and Mr. John Zhu.

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