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George To

George, who is of Cantonese-Taiwanese heritage, is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Hokkien.


George holds various diplomas in Accounting and Marketing, as well as a bachelor's degree in Business Management & Marketing Management from RMIT University in Australia.


George began his career in a renowned hotel. A few years later, he joined the department of customer relationship management of a leading global construction materials company and gained interest and insight in material planning. In late 2009, George transitioned into the retail industry, joining the merchandising office of a top multinational luxury duty free operator. George is currently working for Dufry Asia helping them manage the supply chain of liquor.


A former boss introduced golf to George back in 2001. After several driving range sessions he became serious about the sport. What fascinates him is that golf requires persistence, determination, and concentration, and George is a firm believer of the motto "practice makes perfect". For several years George had to walk away from golf in order to concentrate on his work and studies. It wasn't until 2013 that he picked up the game again and rekindled the camaraderie with his golf buddies. George started his journey with the Society in 2014 when he followed his friend to a cocktail party hosted by the Society. A staunch supporter of the Society, George currently focuses on organising golf activities catered for beginners.

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