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Member Profiles

Carmen Kan

After graduating from the University of Hong Kong with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Carmen started her career in the IT industry, and is still passionate about it. Apart from focusing on her career, she always loves to explore the world so she spent a year in Nagoya and studied Japanese there. That experience inspired her to view things in a different and broader way.


7 years ago, Carmen had her first encounter with golf and started practicing at the driving range regularly. Since the moment she picked up the club, she knew she loved it and wanted to excel  at it.


Her two favorite players are Adam Scott and Henrik Stenson. The perfect swing of Adam and the calm mentality of Henrik are two major things she wants to attain in the future.


Besides aspiring to be a great golfer, she also enjoys how she can easily make friends with different types of people by having golf as a common language. 


In the coming two years, Carmen is hoping to cut her handicap down to 10, and to continue to love golf and to strive for consistency. 

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