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Member Profiles

Gary Yiu

Though a managing director of a successful business and a winning racehorse owner, Gary came from humble beginnings. He witnessed the economic boom in the '80s and '90s, the Handover and the Financial Crisis in '97, the burst of the Dot-com bubble and the collapse of the real estate market in '00. He started as a peddler and made his first million selling used luxury handbags. In 2001, he opened his first shop, Milan Station, and popularized the culture of buying and selling used luxury handbags. Through hard work and perseverance, he helped propel Milan Station to become a listed company. He has had his ups and downs, with sweat and toil and tears and sometimes laughter along the way. He is a true-blue Hong Konger who is proud of his roots.

In 2011, Gary became a member of the Lions Club of Happy Valley. He quickly learned to embrace the spirit to serve and devoted himself wholeheartedly to helping those in need. In recognition of his charitable efforts, he was awarded by the Lions Club International District 303 as "Best President" in 2017.

Gary is born with the sports gene. He has amassed many trophies and medals from different sports. His greatest love is marathon running. But now he has taken up golf, a totally new sport to him. He wishes to learn from other Fellows of the Society and get good at it. So golf is his new challenge. Life is like a marathon, and Gary is ready and eager to tackle many more challenges ahead.

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