Member Profiles

Raphael Poon

Raphael, born and raised in Hong Kong, obtained his Bachelor of Risk Management Science and Finance from the University of Hong Kong followed by a Master of Statistics from the London School of Economics. He spent a couple of years in different areas in the finance industry, from portfolio management to M&A, and eventually landed in private banking.


A member of numerous associations, Raphael has a wide network of friends. Due to his many social commitments, he keeps on postponing his desire of studying for a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, a subject that fascinates him.


Raphael is basically a sport lover and is interested in many ball games. His first encounter with golf was in a charity tournament. Though it was his first try, he did quite well on the field and he found it fascinating. He then spent several months with a golf coach to work on his swing.


Raphael regularly participates in charity golf events, as well as outings organized by the Society.