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Tony Yau

Tony was born in Hong Kong. At an early age he emigrated to the U.K., where he received his education. He worked with Bank of Credit and Commerce International and Northern Rock, two institutions which, coincidentally, were to cause a massive controversy in the financial world. He left the U.K. when the financial crisis hit in 2008.


Tony is an independent individual who seeks new adventures both in business as well as in his personal life. He possesses that entrepreneurial zest and is always full of business ideas. He never rests until things get done.


Tony was a restaurateur, a business advisor, a mortgage consultant, and a property developer, and had worked in telecommunications. He currently runs a fashion enterprise.


Tony enjoys fitness activities and loves music. He plays the guitar to amuse himself. He also practices meditation and visualization.


He picked up golf when he was in England. He was invited by a friend to join a corporate event. He had to borrow all the gear. It was a nice sunny day and the course was just breathtaking. The rest, as they say, is history...


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