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Karen Lam

Karen has spent most of her years wandering across Asia, North America and the United Kingdom to find out who she is.  She picked up a few languages and sports back then, but that didn’t stop her from finding what her real passions are.  She decided to return to her hometown, Hong Kong, for good after completing her law degree in England and join the legal profession.


Despite being a full-time lawyer, somehow, Karen manages to find time to squeeze in a few of her hobbies which include being the lead vocalist of two live bands and, of course, golf.


No one can ever imagine deep down how crazy Karen is over golf. From shaft specifications to swing analysis, she enjoys very much discussing everything about golf.  Her happiest moment was definitely getting her one-and-only-one (so far) hole-in-one at Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course some years ago, beating the legendary player Ben Hogan, who never made an ace in any competition in his lifetime.

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