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Member Profiles

Popy Suthiwan

Popy was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas – the heartland of America. He has undergraduate degrees in Architecture & Environmental Studies from the University of Kansas and a Master of Landscape Architecture Degree from Cornell University. After finishing graduate school, Popy had his sights on moving to Asia to pursue exciting projects in the Landscape Design industry. This eventually led him to move to Hong Kong in the Summer of 2013, where he luckily came across the Society later that Fall through while looking to meet other passionate golfers.


So keen to the challenge of the game, Popy has been playing since the age of 13 and enjoys friendly scrambles with friends or strangers, practicing by himself at home or at the range, and watching YouTube for the latest online tips. Even though he does not get a chance to hit the course as much as he would like, there is always time for golf in his life and for him to appreciate the game. His favorite professional golfer is Gary Player. He admires Player not only for his success on the course but also for being a great ambassador to the game and for promoting physical fitness & health for the sport and in life.


Apart from playing golf, Popy also enjoys playing tennis, basketball, and loves to go bowling - especially disco bowling! Disco bowling tends to remind him of night golf but with upbeat music and flashing lights.


Popy currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand – his parents’ home country. Even though he moved to Bangkok from Hong Kong at the end of 2014, Popy is still eager to participate and be a part of the Society. He is humbled and honored to be a member of the group and looks forward to the future growth of the Society in Asia.

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