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Arthur Li

I always try to maintain at least one round of golf per month regardless of my full commitment to my business and family. My first encounter with golf was almost 20 years ago when a good friend invited me to join an after-game dinner at Kau Sai Chau. In 2003, after participating in a "Sunday Buffet Lunch/Golf Event" at KSC (again), I wanted to learn more. I took a series of elementary lessons and obtained a certificate known as "The Golf Pass" in 2008. I was addicted to this game and its culture ever since. I am still taking lessons to brush up my golf skills.


This Society brings out the true meaning of golf, i.e. G - Green, O - Oxygen, L - Leisure, and F - Friends. Hong Kong Prime Golf Society's events are affordable, convenient, friendly, and stress-free. Please come and enjoy the fun with us!

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