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Member Profiles

Natalie Lau

Blessed with an outgoing personality, Natalie (affectionately known as “Nat-Nat”) is a dabbler in many things: diving, skiing, cooking, singing, and, most recently, Pokémon Go. Her curiosity takes her from hobby to hobby, but she never stays with any one hobby for long as she loses interest rather quickly. Natalie is also somewhat of a social butterfly. She is often seen stylishly dressed attending the races and a host of other social functions.


When not exploring new hobbies or socializing, Natalie focuses her time and energy on doing humanitarian work with the Lions Club. A charitable person at heart, Natalie is always ready to serve those in need.


As to golf, Natalie was introduced to the sport in 2016 when she was invited to attend the opening of her friend’s indoor golf center. Her friend soon persuaded her to take golf lessons, and before long she was addicted to the game. She is very eager to improve, playing on the course about once a week and often visiting the indoor golf center to work on her swing under the supervision of a coach. She has a genuine passion for golf and sees herself pursuing this newfound and fascinating hobby for a long, long time.

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