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Ben Lau

A bright student from Hong Kong, Ben travelled to America to pursue his postgraduate studies at Princeton University, where he successfully defended his thesis and obtained a Ph.D. degree in physics. He then worked for various investment banks, initially as a quantitative analyst, then later specialising in financial engineering. Amidst his busy work life, he was introduced to golf by a friend. It was frustrating at first, as Ben had little knowledge of the golf swing and lacked physical strength. But Ben, the self-proclaimed "hardcore physicist", was determined to apply his knowledge of physics to golf and study the golf swing in a scientific and systematic way. Though small in stature and not as strong as his fellow golf buddies, Ben has more than made up for it with his persistence, tenacity, determination, and strong desire to improve. Ben enjoys going to the range alone and practice hard, just like his idol and golf legend, Ben Hogan. Ben is actively involved with various projects within the Society.​

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